About Fanald

Fanald is a fanlistng collective that is owned by Ronald. It was opened on the year of 2011. It is currently under the domain of Lolitsronald.org and is hosted by Three-Words. Fanald first started out as a page in my old anime design site Indecisive. After I left Indecisive unactive, I create Fanald as it's own site. The first fanlisting created by Fanald was the Adventure Time fanlistng.

About Ronald

Ronald is a 15 year old filipino who enjoys web designing, watching anime and tv and playing video games. I have black hair and O wear glasses.

I like to web design for a hobbie. I started to web design when I was 10 years old or something. I started out as a newbie, using a Webs.com. After awhile I started to grow in my web design skill. I currently own 5 domains split up into 3 hosts. I know how to code with XHTML, CSS, PHP, and Wordpress. I want to improve my skills! :D

I like to watch tv and anime as another side hobbie. I mostly watch cartoons (because I can be a kid sometimes), anime shows, and some other shows. Some cartoons that I like are Adventure Time, Regular Show, Futurama, Family Guy, American Dad, King of the Hill, and more. Anime that I like to watch are Gintama, Durarara, OreShura, SKET Dance, Nichijou, Nabari No Ou, and Chihayafuru. Some other shows that I like to watch is The Office (American version), George Lopez, and shows on Food Network.

I like to play video games. I don't like first person shooters, meaning I hate Call Of Duties and those types of games. I like to play RPG games like Pokemon, Fire Emblem and stuff. I also like to play Mario games and Zelda. I think I mostly enjoy games made by Nintendo. I currently only own Nintendo systems like the Gameboy Advanced SP, a Nintendo DSi, a Nintendo Wii, a Nintendo 3DS, and a Wii U.