Welcome to the Nintendo 3DS Fanlisting. It is the TFL.org approved fanlisting for the Nintendo 3DS. The Nintendo 3DS is a hand held system made by Nintendo. It was announced during E3 2010 by Satoru Iwata. The Ninteod 3DS was offically released in Japan on February 26, 2011. It was also released in Europe on March 25, 2011, in the USA on March 27, 2011 and in Australia on March 31, 2011. The Nintendo 3DS was launched with a priced of ¥25,000 (Yen) and $249 (USD).


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Jan 22, 2015

The fanlisting has been updated! :)

Oct 7, 2014

Hey. Just creating an update for the fanlisting.

Jun 10, 2014

Hey! Welcome to the fanlisting. Feel free to join the fanlisting by filling out the form. Be sure to link back to the website (if you have one)! :)

Mar 22, 2014

I just updated the fanlisting. :)

Mar 22, 2014

Hello! Just updated the fanlistings. :)

Mar 21, 2014

Hello all. If you want to join the fanlisting, do so by filling out the form! :D

Mar 2, 2013

I just added a new affiliate to the fanlisting. It’s the Drawn to Life fanlisting owned by Kim. :)

Dec 30, 2012

Happy Holidays! Updated the fanlisting!

Nov 6, 2012

I have been busy with school, so I couldn’t update the fanlisting in a while. I will try to update the fanlisting every 2 weeks.

Jul 2, 2012

Hope you like it! :D

Jun 24, 2012

Hello! Just updating the fanlistings

May 4, 2012

All fans waiting to be joined should be added just now. :D

Mar 4, 2012

Hello! Look at my new layout I made for my fanlisting collective. My collective.

I have also updated all of the members so all new members who appled before this date to this fanlisting should be approved.

Dec 31, 2011

Hey guys! I have updated the members, so there should be no pending members before this date. I have made a new layout to my collective, so go check it out.

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